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If you are looking for exciting tours to Uganda and seeing what this magnificent country has to offer, Uganda Safari Booking has everything you require. We specialize in Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, wildlife boat tours along the Murchison falls and viewing Lions from Queen Elizabeth Park. Our trips range from 3 to 20 days and our tours include these countries, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Discover the inspiring wilderness, the awesome wildlife in Africa with us and you will not be disappointed!
Our best Uganda tour gentle gorilla
If you have plenty of time, we recommend a 15-day Gorilla Uganda safari tour that will give you many opportunities to see our wonderful wildlife. This trip is one of our most popular tours, your itinerary starts when we greet you at Entebbe airport and take you to your hotel. From day 2 to day 14, it will be a wildlife experience of your dreams. The tour starts at the Murchison falls for Rhino viewing and onto Kibale forest national park for observing primates such as Chimpanzees and Baboons.
The tour moves on to the Queen Elizabeth national park for a feast of animal watching, this is where you can spot species such as Buffaloes, Elephants, Lions and various monkeys. The same day there is a tour along Kaziga channel where you observe Crocodiles, Hippos and the birds that live along the water. The Uganda tour moves on to Ishasha and then the Bwindi Forest National Park for the highlight of the trip, Gorilla tracking!
This is the ultimate in Gorilla experiences and very rewarding to see this beautiful creature in their natural habitat. The trek can be tough and slippery at times, but that first glimpse of a mountain Gorilla will be something that you will remember forever. You will get a packed lunch for the trip, a tasty sandwich in the forest and watching Gorillas, what more do you need!
The tour takes in Lake Bunyonyi next, which is the second deepest in Africa and here you enjoy the tranquillity of the shoreline. There is a relaxing canoe ride in the evening and followed by dinner by the lake. Next on the itinerary is Lake Mburo National Park and some more opportunities for wildlife spotting. Here you can observe Antelopes, Bushbucks, Impalas and another tour favourite, Zebras. There is a boat ride in the evening where you can spot Crocadiles, Hippos and water birds. The tour finishes inJinja for the Sezibwa Falls or a city tour around Kampala. This is our most popular tour and you can really feel the spirit of wild Africa with this trip.
Other tours we provide
If you still fancy seeing the mountain Gorillas and don’t have as much time to spare, we have other options just for you. Our Uganda Safari Tours have options for 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15 days. The Gorilla Safari Tour is available for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 days. We even have monthly Gorillas and Wildlife Safari group tours that are for 5 days, you can join half way or for the full trip.
What we include in the tours
All of tours include a Gorilla permit for each person, transportation in a four-wheel drive tourist van, fuel is included for each trip and so are entrance fees to the parks. Bird watching and game viewing when touring around, we have guided game watching in the national parks. Warm lunches are provided during transit days, safe drinking water whilst in the cars and meal at the lodges where you will be staying. The canoe rides at the lakes, all airport/hotel transfers and full board accommodation for 14 nights are included in the price too. The driver/guide is English speaking and extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife. You will the trip of your lifetime with our Uganda tours!

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3 Days gorilla trekking safari

Gorillas in Uganda also known as the endangered mountain gorillas, and this is mainly attributed to the fact that more than half of the surviving gorillas in the world can only be found in Bwindi forest national park. Book now..

3 Days queen elizabeth park

Wildlife Safari in Uganda. Uganda is embraced with various wildlife ranging from big mammals including the Big5 wilds these are Rhinos, Leopards, Lions, Elephants, and Buffalos. Visit Queen Elizabeth national park, Book now..

3 Days visit murchison falls

Take pleasure in a morning game drive in Murchison falls national park, Look out for herds of elephants, giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, waterbucks, lions, etc. A boat cruise to the bottom of falls and hike to top of falls. Book now..

5 Days gorillas & wildlife tour


Book 5 days uganda safari and trekk uganda gorillas in bwindi, visit queen elizabeth for wildlife viewing. Expect to see Leopards, tree climbing Lions, Elephants, and Buffalos.etc.gorilla trek permits all inclusive. Book now..

5 Days gorilla trek & rafting

Gorillas and visit source of river Nile in Jinja. White water rafting tops the list of the most wanted tour activities in Uganda. River nile is the world's longest river with its source starting from lake victoria in Jinja-Uganda. Book now..

7 Days mount rwenzori hike

This is a short circuit trekking challenge. Rwenzori is the highest mountain in Uganda. It presents mountain climbers a challenge to conquer the top peak at 5110ft. We offer you special guides, porters, to escort you. Book now..

8 Days uganda gorilla tour

gorilla trek

Take pleasure in a morning game drive look out for herds of elephants, kobs, bushbacks, antelopes, buffaloes, lions, waterbucks, Later embark on a boat cruise on Kazinga channel going on to bwindi for gorilla trekking. Book now.

10 Days uganda gorilla tour

Uganda is known to be Pearl of Africa because its one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, take photos during Gorilla trekking and guided game viewing in search for elephants, tree climbing lions, Book now..

12 Days uganda holiday tour

We have selected the top most popular itineraries for uganda holiday tour. Visit Murchison falls national park, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi national park. Spot lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos, birds, etc. Book now..

15 Days uganda safari tour

We organize Uganda safaris visiting most attractive palce in Uganda including Murchison falls, bwindi for gorillas, queen elizabeth for tree climbing lions, kibale for chimpanzee trekk. Book now..

16 Days uganda - rwanda safari

Arrive at entebbe in Uganda and depart from Kigali Rwanda. We take you to see the behaviors of these primate gorillas and chimpanzee, visit late Diana fossey grave and research center, Book now..

20 Days uganda - rwanda safari

Plan your trip to Africa covering Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. We help you organize the best itinerary based on your available number of days. The trip can start any date available, Book now..

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